Writers Laughing: George Orwell

Okay, the degree of difficulty is off the charts for this one. This is a man who agonized over politics and the English language. Who loved England and democracy but spent his life fighting against oppression and tyranny and the dangers of lazy thinking.

Laughing? George Orwell was shot in the throat while fighting in the Spanish Civil War. Come on, Jacke. You really think you can find a picture of him laughing?

Well, here we go:


Laughing! Right? Okay, maybe it’s no Ray Bradbury…his life was harder, and…

Wait…you don’t believe me? You think that’s just a smile? What are you accusing me of, reader? You think I’m trying to sneak one past you?

Reader, we have a good thing going! Don’t you trust me?

Fine, fine. I’ll give you my evidence. That picture above is taken from THIS picture:


Look at that baby’s face! Look again at Orwell and tell me he’s not laughing.

No, really. Look back and forth several times. Baby to George to baby to George to baby to George. I swear I can see the laughter!

Okay, okay. You insist on thinking that he’s all business? Well, maybe. But at least his business was not always politics:


That’s George Orwell tying his son’s shoes. Fantastic. Kind of like Scott and Zelda laughing with Scottie or Leo Tolstoy drinking from the little glass. Caught in a natural moment.

Life is good, people, life is good.

Image Credits:  telegraph.co.uk, georgeorwellnovels.com


16 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: George Orwell

  1. Jacke – I know this must have been quite a tough one, so kudos to you for being able to dig up a photo of George Orwell sorta laughing! 🙂


  2. This post really made me smile, at first wasn’t sure what to expect. I did, though, enjoy it. I noticed you liked one of my posts. I am commenting here urging you to check out some of my other posts, as well as others from my class. We are a group of high school students who love writing, and most of us would love to pursue a writing career. Please, share our posts with the world to help us pursue our dreams. (:


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