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“Warm and full of life!” 

“Totally engrossing!” 

Just damn good writing…” 

The Promotion was my first book by Jacke Wilson, and now I am wondering if I have been sleeping under a rock not to notice this amazing author.”

MyLittle Book Blog, Reader J.G., Reader W. B., My Author Within

Available now at Amazon.com (paperback and e-book (Kindle) format):

The Promotion is the second novella I’ve read by the talented Jacke Wilson, and I didn’t think it was possible but I actually enjoyed it more than The Race”  

–More Books Than Shoes

Book Description:

“I should have jumped at the promotion, of course…Even as Jennifer the office manager sat in the chair across from me, all smiles and positive energy, I elided the two developments…What I did was worthless and yet the firm was eager for me to do more.”

The Promotion is the deadpan cri de couer of a lawyer trapped inside a Kafkaesque firm, tasked with recruiting new attorneys even as he himself slides into obsession and madness.

Available now at Amazon.com and Smashwords and Barnes & Noble:

“Absolutely Fascinating!”

— Jennifer Sahmoun, A Line From A Book

Book Description:

When Governor Tom Olson humiliated himself in a sex scandal, the people of Wisconsin rallied to the side of his popular wife.

Now he thinks he can win a seat in Congress—unless his wife decides to sink his candidacy.

Accompanied by his reluctant biographer, the disgraced politician hits the campaign trail, testing whether one man’s misplaced confidence is enough to overcome the hatred and mockery of a nation.

THE RACE is a fast-paced novella set in the aftermath of a political scandal and a shattered marriage. Downloadable copies and free samples are available at Amazon.com (Paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Smashwords (epub, mobi, pdf, txt, rtf, lrf, pdb).

52 thoughts on “Jacke’s Books

  1. Thanks for liking my picture and best of luck with your writing! I really enjoyed reading “the promotion”….highly recommend!


    1. Thanks, I’ll check that out. I like Dean Wesley Smith and find him very practical and results-oriented, which is great. I’m sure there are some authors who find rewriting to be valuable and to be a great chance to inject some creativity. I’ve had the opposite experience – now I find that if I’m doing much more than very light editing, I get in the way of the story. What I think of as necessary turns out not to be so. Which is not to say that every first draft is perfect – far from it! But I’ve found it better to go back and redraft an entire section from scratch rather than try to go back in and keep adding and taking out. It’s painful to start from zero, but I’ve learned that it’s faster in the long run anyway, so I’m less concerned about it than I used to be. Now I even look forward to it, since I have learned I can count on some improvement. (Just one writer’s experience – hope you find it helpful!)


      1. I think the same thing happens in writing and painting – if I start to “worry” at a bit of a painting, it usually gets worse rather than better. When I worry that a bit of writing needs more explanation, a little ball of awkward results. I like the idea of simply redrafting a section that doesn’t satisfy me – I think it will be both faster and better in the end. Thanks.


  2. Hi Jacke, great blog! I saw you liked one of my posts – if you’d like to do a similar interview with me, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! It is wonderful to have an accomplished writer (with real books!!) stop by for a look. Looking forward to your work.
    = )


  4. It seems like you frequently browse WordPress for new blogs – or something. ;P Thank you for the like on my blog! Good luck and kudos on your novellas


  5. Hi there,

    Thanks for the like for my blog. I appreciate it. just had a look at the description of your book. Looks interesting. Congratulations and good luck for that!


  6. Thanks very much for the like on my blog, hope you enjoyed reading the short opening that I posted a little while ago. Would love to get some feedback from someone who has written a few novellas, so it’s awesome to have you as a reader.
    If you have any info or advice to offer me as this is my first piece of fiction, I’d really appreciate it!
    Thanks again


  7. Thanks for liking my post! I just started up the blog today and didn’t know someone would see it so early on. Really appreciate it! 🙂


  8. Thanks so much for the visit. I see you have lived in Mountain Home. Was that Arkansas? I have a friend who use to live in Mountain Home, Arkansas. I’ll be back when I have more time to read more of your blog.


  9. Unfortunately, I was unable to post a review on Amazon, because I downloaded The Race during a free promotion.
    I enjoyed this book – the character sketches are very well done.
    Everything was so predictable, and yet I was forced to continue turning the pages. From the start, it was obvious the campaign was going to fail, just as the trip to Italy was going to fail, and yet I had to hold that hope, just as the candidate did. And yes, I admit to disliking both Paige and Tina! As a foreigner, I am always fascinated by the American preoccupation with sex scandals, and ‘family’ and their importance in politics.
    A very well written novella.


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