100 Objects

A History of Jacke in 100 Objects has proved to be one of the most popular features on the website. Enjoy!

My books The Race and The Promotion are available at Amazon.com (the link is to the author page).

A review of The Race (“warm and full of life”) can be found on mylittlebookblog. I also posted some follow-up thoughts.

Are you a reviewer? Free review copies are available! If you’re interested in posting a review on your blog, or if you’re willing to write a review at Amazon (or anywhere else), just let me know and I’ll ship you a book. And many thanks for helping to get the word out! 

32 thoughts on “100 Objects

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my most recent post. Great to see your blog, I love the 100 Objects idea!


  2. hahahha I’m definitely cracking up after reading “The Bench” . I am warned, won’t be going to Nanjing without a fully charged handheld AC. following u now. btw U write great, excellent humor. Thx for stopping by to say hi and for following my blog. cheers. .


  3. I love the idea of doing a personal insight via the objects around you. I try to post something to my blog everyday but somedays the spirit is willing but the pen is weak, or inspiration just doesn’t pay a visit. I might use a similar idea to give myself something to write about when I’m in a lull. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. hi there Jacke, thanks for liking my post today and for giving me the opportunity to find your great blog, I’m enjoying your list and looking forward to more x


  5. Hi there Jacke, thanks for liking my post today and for giving me the opportunity to discover your great blog, I’m really enjoying this list and looking forward to more x


  6. You have interesting blogs. Since this is the first time I’ve blogged outside of my writing site I’m a little spooked (pun intended) right now. I hate being serious, but I’m only funny with friends…I’ll check back on you as time marches on.


  7. Jacke, thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know you liked it! I really appreciate it. I’ve been reading your 100 Objects and I must say that, as a former spelling bee winner myself, I most love The Coffeepot. It was the word ‘sincerely’ that tripped me up in third grade, and it actually tripped me up. I didn’t throw the bee because I was still too young to know that I wasn’t cool even without the bee wins under my belt! I’ve never spelled ‘sincerely’ wrong since then. I’ll be stopping back to keep an eye on your blog!


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