Writers Laughing: Ray Bradbury

Okay, we’ll start with the one I like the most. Ray Bradbury, sci-fi legend, just looking like a classic fifties dad. Full of warmth, full of mirth.



Fast forward a couple of decades. The hair’s longer, the face a little older. But it’s still the same laugh. You get the sense he laughed like this many times in his life – always the same, always the same.


There’s something steady about this, right? Something reassuring. Maybe even something a little bland – as if he reached his limits as a laugher and could go no further. But that’s okay! He’s a successful author now! Why wouldn’t he be somewhat guarded? Be happy, be polite, give a nice chuckle, with a genuine twinkle in the eye. It’s enough! He’s giving all he can!

Except… this!


Wow. We all have it in us, people! Let it out sometimes!

Image Credits: Fantastical Andrew Fox; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images (ht today.com); Kimberly Butler


6 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: Ray Bradbury

  1. Funny this should be today’s author – just finished reading I Sing the Body Electric Monday, which then prompted me to go back and watch The Martian Chronicles, which then lead me to seek episodes from The Ray Bradbury Theater show. I found him to be more psychological thriller than sci-fi but definitely a writer very adept at setting a mood and putting the creep factor into every day occurrences. I’d be curious to know what types of things he found funny :-).


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