Writers Laughing: Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

These two have haunted me for years. So beautiful. So doomed.

Ah well, it’s good to see them laughing:


And this – well, this is just fantastic:


More blogging carnage tomorrow. Enjoy the writers laughing…until the twilight sets in… (How’s that for an onward and upward? Onward and upward…into the dying sun and the dark night of fate…!? I’m blaming Scott and Zelda! Poor, poor Scott and Zelda…)

Image Credits: Princeton University, listal.com


9 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

  1. I, too, have felt a deep sadness at times for these two. Zelda’s illness was an undercurrent always , I think. In The Moveable Feast, the memoir of the early Paris years, Hemingway caught such nuances of each of them and of their relationship. It gave me a new understanding. Wonderful laughter, even if transitory,


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