Writers Laughing: Lorrie Moore

Lorrie Moore laughing? I doubt it! She makes other people laugh, with her caustic observations and acid puns. I doubt you’d ever see much more from her than a bitter half-smile, a knowing eyebrow lift, maybe an amused and slightly sinister glint in her eyes…


Oh no. Oh no no no no no. What are you doing, guy in plaid jacket? Approaching her while she’s signing books? Leaning over to say something? Back off, Mr. Plaid! Haven’t you read her work? Don’t you know who you’re dealing with? She eats guys like you for breakfast… so wait… what are you…


Whoa! A genuine guffaw! A sincere belly laugh! How did you do it, Mr. Plaid?

Ah well, who cares? It’s great to see that even the sharpest of minds can be overcome by laughter, now and then.

Image Credits: The Chancellor’s Lecture Series, Vanderbilt University 

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