It’s The Jacke Wilson Show! Episode 3 – The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part One)



Oh, people! Episode 3 of THE JACKE WILSON SHOW is now available! This one is full of heartbreak and agony. Yes, that’s right, it’s The Worst Thing I Ever Did… confessions of real-life people as submitted by you, the readers. Also includes A History of Jacke in 100 Objects #15, The Coffepot, about what might be the worst thing I ever did. Let’s share the pain!

(We ran out of room on this one, so we had to stop. Plenty more worst things coming in Part Two. It seems our cup overfloweth with longing and regret here at the Jacke Blog.)

Oh, and I have a happy story sprinkled into the mix. We needed something to cut the misery!

Do you have a Worst Thing I Ever Did to share? Let us know! You can leave a comment or send me an email at Anonymity strictly preserved. (Read more about our call for The Worst Thing I Ever Did at our previous post. We’re not just going for confessions – we’re exploring why we think these are the worst.)

Enjoy the show!

Download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.3 – The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part One)

Getting better, I hope! You can also find previous episodes at our Podcast page.

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Let me know what you think! Thank you for listening!

Show Notes:


Episode 3: “The Worst Thing I Ever Did!” (Part One) – reader confessions, Jacke’s comments, a love story, and “The Coffepot,” a Jacke Wilson Object about the time he threw a spelling bee.


  • Danse Macabre Hook, Tea Roots by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • A History of Jacke in 100 Objects #15 – The Coffepot by Jacke Wilson

JACKE WILSON is the pen name of a writer whose books have been described as being “full of intrigue and expertly rendered deadpan comedy.” Born in Wisconsin, Jacke has since lived in Chicago, Bologna, Taiwan, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Mountain View, and New York City. Jacke now lives and works in the Washington D.C. area. Like his writings, the JACKE WILSON SHOW takes an affectionate look at the absurdities in literature, art, philosophy, great books, poetry, current events, hard news, politics, whatever passes for civilization these days, and the human condition (that dying animal). For more about Jacke and his books, visit Jacke at


9 thoughts on “It’s The Jacke Wilson Show! Episode 3 – The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part One)

  1. As you told the story about your buddy and your Dad’s car I thought of a story of my mother. She’s been gone since ’97 and I am writing down her stories for my children. There aren’t many details, so it is short ^_^ but I thought you would appreciate hearing the story. The aftermath was so similar to how you described feeling, but with a twist.

    At that time in the late 40’s into 50’s they lived in an apartment building where they shared a bathroom with another tennant, an older woman. One day the woman approached my grandmother to tell her that her daughter, my mother, had mixed all of her pretty things together- purfumes, bath oils, powders – into some kind of concoction. My mother swore she did not do it. My mother lied and she kept up the lie so my grandma believed her and stood up for her.

    As an adult, she told my grandma the truth, thinking she would laugh or something. But my grandma, though she did have sense of humor, she was kind of cranky like me, laughed only on her terms. She was so angry at my mom as an adult. When my mother told me this story I thought it was funny. I still do, that she was so angry with her as an adult, now that she knew the truth and because she had to stand up to that lady for her. My mother felt guilty about this still, even after my grandma was gone.

    I think that is the story she would have told if she were writing this. She always told us that lying was worse than anything. I heard this so many times: You won’t be in trouble if you just don’t lie about it.

    THat is not true! haha

    This was long. I could have made a post out of it.


    1. I totally know what you mean about honesty being the best policy…except when it isn’t. Or at least it’s true that sometimes telling the truth gets one in more trouble than before. It’s tough to be a kid trying to sort this through, but it might be even tougher being a parent. Your poor grandmother! And yet your mother must have felt so bad, for so long. What a difficult event for everyone! (And yet, taking a step back, mixing those concoctions together is just kind of funny! It’s not a bad thing that she did, it’s merely pointless and destructive. Only a kid could come up with wanting to do that…and isn’t that a reason just to celebrate it? There’s something beautiful about a child’s mind being formed, coming up with these crazy ideas.)


  2. I know what you mean. I was a full-time nanny for years and I loved letting them explore their world in a tactile way, like with clay and cooking and water play. Their parents didn’t see the point for the mess but we had great times. Kids are at their best when you just give them something and see what they can do with it creatively. I think they have strikes against them right now having so much technology around them but I won’t open that can of worms in a reply to a reply to a reply. 🙂


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