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JACKE WILSON is the pen name of a writer whose books have been described as being “full of intrigue and expertly rendered deadpan comedy.” Born in Wisconsin, Jacke has since lived in Chicago, Bologna, Taiwan, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Mountain View, and New York City. Jacke now lives and works in the Washington D.C. area.

THE JACKE WILSON SHOW takes an affectionate look at the absurdities in literature, art, philosophy, great books, poetry, current events, hard news, politics, whatever passes for civilization these days, and the human condition (that dying animal).


Episode 2.2: Life’s Unanswerable Questions (Part 2)

Our quest for a more professional sheen to the podcast continues with Life’s Unanswerable Questions (Part 2) – Another play for Bryan Cranston and Kate Winslet, the untold story of Joseph the beleaguered father of Jesus, a look at why we love when we know it hurts us, and more!

Or directly download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 2.2 – Life’s Unanswerable Questions (Part 2)

Episode 2.1: Life’s Unanswerable Questions (Part 1)

Season Two! We’re off to a GREAT start with the new Jacke Wilson Show season. New producer, new studio…and a much more professional sheen. In episode 2.1 we cover Life’s Unanswerable Questions, as contributed by you, the listeners.

Or directly download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 2.1 – Life’s Unanswerable Questions (Part 1)

Episode 1.6: A Boy Named Johnnie

Holiday episode! Jacke surrenders to some seasonal melancholy and shares a story of his Grampa Johnnie, a Hungarian-American boy growing up in early-twentieth-century Wisconsin, where the forests were thick, the rivers were deep and fast, and life was rougher around the edges.

Or directly download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.6 – A Boy Named Johnnie

Episode 1.5: The Gift

A quick look at James Joyce’s Dubliners, some thoughts about Not Knowing What To Say, and “The Gift,” a story about Young Jacke’s attempt to buy the perfect gift for his mother.

Or directly download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.5 – The Gift

Episode 1.4: The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part Two)

Episode 4: “The Worst Thing I Ever Did!” (Part Two) – Recent successes and a WHOLE LOT of past failures! Cub scout antiheroes, an invented language that backfired, the Holiday Game, golf spikes and men in the 70s, Christmas in Munich, the worst of the worst blogs, more readers tell us “The Worst Thing I Ever Did,” an encounter with a “real” UFO and the “real” Jerry Seinfeld (in A History of Jacke in 100 Objects #3 “The Blood Cake.”

Direct download (mp3 file): The Jacke Wilson Show 1.4 – The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part Two)

Episode 1.3: The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part One)

Reader confessions, Jacke’s comments, a love story, and “The Coffepot,” a Jacke Wilson Object about the time he threw a spelling bee.

Download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.3 – The Worst Thing I Ever Did (Part One)


Episode 1.2: The Mind

The Beatles, the clinical effects of Descartes, Kant, and Nietzsche, philosophy and psych experiments at the University of Chicago, the rainbows of Tibet, holy spirits of all kinds, Tetris Zombies, and Jacke Wilson Object #20 (The Sign).

Download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.2 – Perception and the Mind


Episode 1.1: The Halloween Episode

Lusty lizards in space, Leo Tolstoy, a lost scene from Macbeth, a new play for Bryan Cranston and Kate Winslet, Homer Simpson sings a Christmas Carol, a revised Edgar Allan Poe (with even MORE spookiness), and A History of Jacke Wilson in 100 Objects #13 – The Monster. Enjoy!

Download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.1 – The Halloween Episode.


3 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Hi Jacke, I was very moved by your ‘America in Crisis’ episode and would like to buy you a coffee – I went on that site but couldn’t find you there 😦 So, here’s my question: how can I buy you a coffee? xo Billy


    1. Hi Dasein – sorry for the long delay. Somehow I overlooked this one. You can buy me a coffee at historyofliterature.com/shop (there’s an option for a “virtual coffee”). Thanks!


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