Writers Laughing: Gertrude Stein

Stein was stern. Photo after photo, the same expression. Dour. Fierce. Almost combative.

But that’s not good enough for us, is it? We like laughing writers!

And… here we go!



Yes! Of course! The little dog on her lap (or maybe it’s the one up by her head)? One of them is making her laugh!

And here’s a bonus photo. Not quite a laugh, but…



That happy face is certainly thanks to the baby. WHO IS JACK HEMINGWAY. Ernie’s boy.

What a great day. Love Gertrude. Love her even more when she’s laughing. Happy Monday, people!



9 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: Gertrude Stein

  1. That photo with H Jnr is the least miserable face I’ve ever seen on her – but she would have been back to normal after she an his dad fell out. A remarkable woman though, and what a fabulous life she led! Nice work.


    1. Totally agree! I like to think she was a little less miserable in private, though – she seems like someone with little patience for standing still while someone takes her photo. The Picasso painting of her is pretty vivid, though, and he knew her pretty well, so maybe my hopes are misplaced optimism. Thanks for the comment!

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