Goodreads Giveaway: Politicians Are Human Beings. Maybe.


Hello everyone! Some of you may recall the last time I did a Goodreads Giveaway, where I shipped off five free copies of The Promotion. I think it’s fairly common to recap these things, with a mathematical analysis of how many people requested the book, how many reviews it led to, what the impact was on sales, and finally some conclusions about lessons learned. Far be it from me to prevent information from reaching you, my loyal readers! So with apologies for the delay, here’s the list of conclusions I reached from the first Goodreads Giveaway:

  1. It is really, really fun to give away copies of your own book.

That’s it! That’s all I learned! Oh sure, selling the book is fun too. That’s hard to beat. But giving copies away is a very close second.

So here we go! Another Goodreads Giveaway! This time it’s for The Race. Five lucky winners will get a free signed copy of the paperback version. Just in time for the campaign season! At least if you’re here in the States, that is…

And if you are, or if you live in any kind of electoral democracy, or I guess even if you don’t and are just wondering what it’s like, what it does to the people running for office and those who surround them, this book is for you.

  • Have you ever watched a debate or a campaign ad on your television and wondered that? What makes these guys so weird? Why are they all like this? This book is for you!
  • Or: Why is it that everyone around me is so normal? And the people who run everything are so freaking bizarre?  This book is for you!
  • Or: Can’t we come up with a better system than this? We don’t elect the best among us. We elect zombie robots with odd tendencies who practically come across as alien beings, so detached are they from what we tend to think of as walking , talking, breathing, loving, caring, decent, honest, kind, and hardworking normal people.

Have you thought that? Then this book is for you!

So buy the book now, and enjoy an up-close view of a campaign where the candidate is hated by the world and plows forward anyway, smiling at a crowd with no smiles in return, because that is who he is and that is how these guys roll. Or try your luck at a free copy by clicking a button at Goodreads!

(Or… if you’re not one to gamble… just shoot me an email! I still have review copies I’d be happy to send your way. All you need to do is offer to post a review on Amazon or your own blog or wherever you prefer to leave your online trail of readerly reaction. Let me give these things away! Make me a happy man!)

Here’s the Giveaway text:

Giveaway! Five free signed copies of The Race, the “absolutely fascinating” novella about one man’s attempt to survive a sex scandal. My Little Book Blog calls it “a delightful novella about politics, scandal, reputation and above all, the importance of love…”

“An incredibly astute and well-written novella about politics… Smart, well-written, and frequently funny, The Race offers some interesting speculation into the mind of the American politician…” –Small Press Reviews

“Warm and full of life” — My Little Book Blog

“This was a great little piece of political fiction… Wilson shows his writing chops – immersing us in a political world that doesn’t feel jargony, over-the-top, or formulaic.” — Radical Science Fiction

So if you’re a Goodreads reader, head on over to the Giveaway and sign up for your chance to win big.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Race by Jacke Wilson

The Race

by Jacke Wilson

Giveaway ends October 10, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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3 thoughts on “Goodreads Giveaway: Politicians Are Human Beings. Maybe.

  1. Can I ask a quick question about the book cover? Was the design meant to suggestion a flag because it’s about elections? I am a little obsessed about book covers–maybe because my design sense is stunted from birth–and I’m curious where yours came from.


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