Best Posts of the Year: The Honorable Mentions

Image Credit: Astrid Kircherr, courtesy of Vanity Fair

Blogiversary Week is about to conclude with the top post of the year. (In case you missed it, the worst posts of the year have already been spotlighted. Check out The Case for Something I Don’t Care About, “Pen Reviews”, The Skirt-Chasing PoobahHaiku Nothingness, and Company Does Not Love Misery. Or don’t!)

I’ve hinted that the top post will be one of my Object stories, as were numbers five, four, three, and two. And guess what? It is! I’ll be revealing it soon.

It’s not a surprise that the Objects dominated the field this year. Nothing else really came close.

But today I wanted to highlight the few posts that almost cracked into Object territory. We do more than just crank out Objects here at the Jacke blog! And here were some of the most well-received Non-Objects of the year:

The Jacke Wilson Blogiversary

Most Popular Posts of 2013-2014

Honorable Mention (Non-Object Division)

In first place, a story about writing that’s very close to my heart…

#1. Thoughts on the Writing Process: The Wisdom of John Lennon

And then John comes over. Astrid says something like, “I don’t know how I can go on without Stuart,” the kind of thing she’s been saying for weeks. And John hears in her words a feeling that he himself has gone through, and recognizes that she’s thinking something that he himself has thought. All that grief and loss: how can you deal with it? How can anyone? And suicide—well, it’s an option, isn’t it? It’s not just an abstract concept. People do it.

So John tells Astrid, “Well, you have two choices. Live or die. But make up your mind and be honest about it.” Read the entire post…

And in second place, our favorite rejection of a marriage proposal EVER:

#2. Getting Dumped by Charlotte Brontë

“…it has always been my habit to study the character of those amongst whom I chance to be thrown, and I think I know yours and can imagine what description of woman would suit you for a wife. Her character should not be too marked, ardent and original — her temper should be mild, her piety undoubted, her spirits even and cheerful, and her “personal attractions” sufficient to please your eye and gratify your just pride…” Read the entire post…

And last but not least, the most popular post in a very popular series:

#3. Small Press Shoutout: Soho Press!

“Soho Press has yet another gorgeous website, with one of the coolest features I’ve ever seen…” Read the entire post…

Nice job, also-rans! You did pretty well! Onward and upward!


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