The Countdown of Ugh Continues! Worst Post of the Year #4

It’s been a great year here on the Jacke Blog. We’re celebrating our twelve-month anniversary by posting the most and least popular posts of the year, as measured by your hits. Or lack thereof!

Today we’re at #4 of our countdown of ugh. I’m including a pair of posts, each of which could stand (sit?) in the bottom five on their own.  I think you need to see them together to see how wretched they truly were.

Words fail me. I don’t even now how to begin to describe these. What was I thinking?

Well, apparently I thought – hey, here’s a blog for people who like good stories, maybe a blog for writers, a blog for lovers of literature and philosophy, so maybe I should…review pens! A writing tool!

Except I didn’t really review them. I linked to a review of them. And then I added sort of a drifting promise that I would try one out.

People, you were right to give this one no attention whatsoever! I would not even say it’s a good Facebook post. I would not even say it’s a good tweet.

Here’s the post in its entirety.

Mightier Than Some Other Pen

Wirecutter has an impressive study of the best affordable pens for writing.  I’ve been partial to the Uni-Ball Vision Elite (.5mm blue) but might need to give the Jetstream a try.  The Winner


Yes. You can see how helpful I was! I provided an image! Of a pen I “might need to give a try.” Ugh. These were early days, my friends.

And what did I do for a followup? What could possibly top this wealth of information in Mightier Than Some Other Pen? Here’s the next post on the blog. Again, this is presented in its entirety:


Mightier Than Some Other Pen (continued)

No luck finding a Jetstream in a store. The dream dies.


That was posted three days later. Has there ever been a worse example of blogging? Or a better example of blogging ineptitude?

My dream died. What a hopeful story. No image this time. Come on, I only had three days to get the post ready! And a store to go to!

And there I was, sitting around thinking, “Jesus, why doesn’t this blog get any traffic?” I’m lucky it didn’t! These posts should never see the light of day! And fortunately they don’t. Ever. Not even from Mom. I bring them to you now only to show you how far I’ve come.

Disappear again, almost-pen-review and almost-pen-review-update! We have better things to do here on the Jacke Blog these days!

10 thoughts on “The Countdown of Ugh Continues! Worst Post of the Year #4

  1. I like this (and the last one) – a light hearted look back at errors made. I look forward to doing my own autopsies in the future (I’m busying making my errors right now, so I’ll have something to blog about in 12 months time)


  2. See, here you are giving inexperienced bloggers like me tips for success. Note to self: Don’t review pens! Unless, maybe, you’re tempted to try writing with a quill dipped in ink; then you might write a celebration of the ballpoint pen after that experience!


  3. I’m not usually capable of smiling (much less chuckling) at 6am in the morning, but if you do find me in one such rare occasion it’s probably because I’m reading a Jacke Wilson post. I adore your humility.


  4. Just want you to know that I actually tried to find a descriptive for “pen lover” to somehow honor (?) your post. No luck whatsoever, although I did stop the search on page 2 of Google after I began to notice a change in the sites coming up for view…
    I personally would never confuse a pen for a penis, but I guess anything is possible.


  5. Well, I’ve avoided pen reviews so far. Still trying to figure out why some posts reach more folks than others. Until then I’ll keep writing what appeals to me. But not about pens. Not that.


    1. Your Eric Idle quote made me jerk my head back before it posted to make sure I didn’t write ‘I like the same penis, always black’, instead of pens. That would have been easy to do, and embarrassing.


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