Small Press Shout-Out: Tiny TOE Press

I’ve written before about the role for small presses in the brave new publishing world. And in my dream bookstore.

Today’s small-press shout out goes to Tiny TOE Press, an Austin-based “kitchen-table press” that publishes handpressed books.

Check out their definition of DIY publishing and their catalog. And dream bookstore entrepreneurs, remember: I’d like a nice table of these to thumb through, in some cozy, well-lighted spot.

13 thoughts on “Small Press Shout-Out: Tiny TOE Press

  1. Tiny TOE is wonderful, they helped me get the ball rolling with Nostrovia! Poetry and W.I.S.H. Publishing.

    Keep at it with the shout outs. Running a press is sleep eating and wonderful, and we editors appreciate the help with promoting.



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