Saul Bellow and Austin Powers: Together At Last!

Wonderful reader arabpikachuwp4 responds to my post about Saul Bellow’s indie-author spirit:

I can imagine Austin Powers saying “I too like to live dangerously” to Saul Bellow, lol.

Lol indeed! I don’t think my own mind would have made that jump in a million years. But I’m glad someone’s did, because I’ve been laughing about it for days. When does Mike Myers next host Saturday Night Live, and what are the chances of us getting a sketch of Austin Powers meeting Saul Bellow? (I know, I know. The chances are zero. Not slim. Not remote. Not anything-is-possible. Zero. But one can dream!)

Don’t they have the same suit? And the same zest for…ah…whatever the hell Saul is doing with this photo?

SaulBellow Mike-Myers-Austin-Powers-1-
You can read the original post here:

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