What Are Life’s Most Unanswerable Questions?

Okay, I’m planning a Jacke Wilson Show episode where we focus on unanswerable questions. What are the big ones? Which trouble you the most? Which ones don’t bother you at all?

As always, we’re digging a little deeper here. Are there any surprises? What do these questions – and our response to them – tell us about ourselves?

Leave a comment or shoot me an email at jackewilsonauthor@gmail.com. Until then, enjoy the past episodes and our Daily Dubliner!

9 thoughts on “What Are Life’s Most Unanswerable Questions?

  1. will i still have a home of my own two years from now and how long will i be able to stay there? – i don’t think it reveals a lot about me as it’s a purely practical issue due to life’s insecurities. I suppose it may say something about the attitude If have had to security over the rest of my adult life because it I had been less free-wheeling I might be more secure now but I have my doubts about that too. Security has been rare for me but I doubt I would swap the years of variety and all my memories to have kept any safety-net


  2. How about: why do we as individuals and as societies have so much inertia when it comes to change. Probably a scary can of worms there, but I guess that’s why we write…


  3. Why are we so sad when, after bringing our children up to be independent and self sufficient, they leave home and proudly practice what we’ve preached for a lifetime?


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