Christmas with the Beatles!

Some great feedback on the latest episode of The Jacke Wilson Show is coming in. Many thanks to all my listeners! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope to have another episode up soon. Until then, check out the Podcast page for the backlog.

Now for some true audio (and visual) pleasure. Christmas with the Beatles! We start with John and Yoko. You’ve heard this, of course. It’s everywhere. But if you’re in the mood, take a few minutes to watch the video, which has some excellent photos and truly warms the spirit:

Next up, Sir Paul, with another much-played song (but only one month a year, so let’s revel in it!). Here’s the 80s* synth-drenched version (with some killer haircuts for he and the other Wings):

[*NOTE: Just learned this was actually from 1979. Ahead of its time!]

I might have to run a post on Linda at some point. Totally underappreciated, which is a shame.

If synths aren’t your thing, here’s the updated a capella version, where Paul’s vocals are accompanied by the talented good folks at Straight No Chaser:

John or Paul, Paul or John? Which is better? Who wins? Well…

Why choose! Here they both are…with a little help from a couple of friends:

By the way, the hell is Ringo singing that for? I’m stumped. It’s like he was handed the wrong sheet music. But it’s still great. Maybe it’s even better because of that, who knows. My boys will get a bang out of it.

Happy Crimble everyone! Now go buy some gifts!

8 thoughts on “Christmas with the Beatles!

  1. John and Yoko…and so this is Christmas “and what have you done”. Somehow makes me feel introspective and a bit guilty. Doesn’t really belong with 99 % of the other songs we hear this time of year. An important one. Thanks. (Now, I feel bad.) not really…it was a challenging year, but a good one.


  2. I heard “wonderful Christmas Time” just last week on the radio and felt cheered up after a long day of work, but actually I prefer “Happy Xmas”. There is a really good version by “die Toten Hosen” (wondering if you ever heard of them) that isn’t so silent as the original but confronts the listener. Maybe there should be more songs mentioning also these topics and not only the “happy and delightful” world of Christmas.


  3. Linda was underappreciated, I agree! She was a talented photographer and writer as well as a musician – a very cool woman. Look forward to seeing a post on her. And I love both Christmas songs, have them on regular rotation at this time of year 🙂


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