Writers Laughing: Stephen King

Stephen King! We’ve praised his book on writing and pointed out that he’s probably a great guy. We’ve written a story or two he’d probably like. And now it’s time to take a look at what he looks like laughing.


Pretty good! He seems like he’d be such a good neighbor….


…as long as you didn’t build your house over an old forgotten cemetery or something.

Image Credits: Eamonn McCabe via The Guardian; NYTimes


10 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: Stephen King

  1. His “On Writing” is one of the best books on the craft out there. The advice to write a first and second draft “with the door closed” ie, w/o showing it to anyone, changed my life as an author.


  2. These are great pics of Stephen King. I teach English Lit at college, and I consider him one of the great writers of our time–shhhh, that would be the sound of lightning bolts coming my way from the upset academic gods.


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