Small-Press Shoutout: Checking in on Little Pickle Press

A perfect little gift for anyone who loves to write…

Readers! Writers! Book lovers! It’s time for another small-press shoutout! These are the posts that remind us all that even in a faceless, sterile, bottom-line industry like publishing, there are people out there doing some great work envisioning their dreams and making sure good books get to good people.

We ran a ton of these last year around the holidays, and my hope was to do that again. Unfortunately I’ve haven’t gotten to as many as I’d like. But I did want to check in on one small press…

That’s right. Little Pickle Press! Continue reading

Small Press Shoutout: Enchanted Lion Press!

Happy November! In honor of the holiday season, we’re resurrecting the Small Press Shoutout Series, in which I highlight some of the most amazing small presses around.

Today’s small press is  unbelievably good. If you have a child in your life under the age of, say, ten, head on over to Enchanted Lion to check out their books. It will be time well spent: your holiday shopping will be complete.

Take a look at this:

And this:

And my personal favorite:

Here’s a list of our previous small press shoutout-ees, with links: Continue reading

Small Press Shoutout: Owl and Zebra Press!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Longtime readers may recall the Small Press Shoutout series, in which I celebrated those independent, brainy, well-intentioned, focused, even more focusedadorable, craftsmanlike, inspiring, dazzling, successful, friendly, quirky, cutting-edge corporate governance-y small presses. Here’s a list, with links:  Continue reading