Writers Laughing: Anita Desai and Kiran Desai

Has there been a more successful mother-daughter writing duo than the Desais? I can’t think of one! And here they are, laughing together!


Look, this photo is just extraordinary. Quick quiz. Which of the following relationships is most likely to be fraught with tension?

A. Father-daughter

B. Mother-son

C. Father-son

D. Mother-daughter

Second quiz. Which pair is most likely to be competitive with one another and jealous of each other’s success?

A. Two doctors

B. Two computer programmers

C. Two accountants

D. Two writers

Did you say D for both? And yet here we have two writers, a mother and a daughter, obviously taking delight in one another.

Oh sure, like all relatives, they probably have their moments. But they also had this moment, the one in the photo, which is enough to make my day.

Photo Credit: Graziano Arici (eyevine), courtesy of theguardian.com