Bing and Bowie

I posted this the other day for an onward and upward. I can’t stop watching the first two minutes. I so want this to be true! Bing just happened to have this neighbor, DAVID BOWIE, who just happened to drop by, and they had this exchange with some gentle music in the background. Oh sure, then they burst into song, but that’s just gravy.

This is how television used to be, people! How many Bob Hope specials did you see when you were growing up? How many Donnie and Maries?

Of course, this could also be seen as the ending of that kind of era. David Bowie’s a fish out of water – but he’s what will take us through the 70s and the 80s and to now… Soon enough the fish will swallow this pond and find a new ocean. Or something. Bing knows it too. All parents and grandparents know it. They just want to cling to their days where they can make mild jokes that they think sail over the heads of the whippersnappers. They don’t. The whippersnappers get it. They just want it to last a little longer. (Hello, Santa Exists!)

I think Stephen Colbert misses these days, too – it reminds me of his holiday specials. A little tongue in cheek on his part. But nostalgic too. Hey, it’s Christmas. All bets are off.

Quick question for everyone. What do you hear Bowie say at the 1:27 mark? What’s the sentence right before Bowie says “I was just seeing if you were paying attention” and Bing gives that funny little laugh?  Let me know!