Blurbs That Will Not Be Appearing on My Book

Readers! Still trying to get the print version of The Race out there. It’s taking longer than I’d hoped. I do have one blurb lined up and a couple more in the hopper. I wish I had another one finalized to share with you (since Mondays are “Jacke News” day), but in the meantime, here are a few that didn’t make the cut. I’m not going to name names, but for the record these are actual near-misses (not something I made up for the purposes of a blog post).

Comic and insightful… a penetrating look at today’s political scene…

I could have lived with that one!

Warm and insightful, The Race tells a story of American politics you’ll wish didn’t ring quite so true.

Not bad!

It’s been said that celebrity is the mask that eats the face. The Race reminds us that politics is the mask that swallows the soul.


In this book, Jacke Wilson takes the pulse of American politics — and finds its corpse instead.


Reminder: You can buy the book (or download a free sample) (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Smashwords (epub, mobi, pdf, txt, rtf, lrf, pdb)!

Jacke’s Jacket: New Blurb

It’s a great day in Jacke news – a new blurb from the fabulous Ronica Dhar!

Jacke Wilson’s work has for many years engaged me with its themes about the Midwest, politics, and contemporary culture. Alternately full of intrigue or expertly rendered deadpan comedy, Jacke’s stories (or perhaps satires? I’d have to ask Jacke to remind me of the nuances at play here!) are products of a steel-trap memory, great writing and creative ambition. His novels are such fun to discuss with my friends. — Ronica Dhar #nomdeplume

Definitely one for the print version of The Race: A NovellaI’ve been a fan of Ronica’s work for a long time, and she’s been a great supporter of my work, so the blurb is particularly gratifying. Many thanks, Ronica!

You can read more about Ronica (and her stunning novel Bijou Roy) at