History of Literature #115 – The Genius of Alice Munro


She was born Alice Ann Laidlaw on July 10, 1931, in a small town called Wingham Ontario, the daughter of a mink farmer and a schoolteacher. Eighty years later, Alice Munro was the first Canadian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Mike and Jacke look at Alice Munro and one of her greatest masterworks, the short story “The Bear Came Over the Mountain.”

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One thought on “History of Literature #115 – The Genius of Alice Munro

  1. There was a made-for-tv movie with Joanne Woodward called “Do You Remember Love” that is almost chapter for chapter the story you describe. I remember it broke my heart. It also won many awards. As I lose small memories, and worry as some of us do, if that is a sign of something more….I have thought of that movie many times.

    I listened to this before I read the story. I’ll be reading it this week. Great conversation. Pre-reading, my thought of those lines you read at the end ring true that Munro is speaking of her husband being there for her. But then, we’ll never know what her perception was at that moment.


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