The Secret Diaries of Graham Greene


Here’s another fascinating story we didn’t get to during our hour-long conversation on the life and works of Graham Greene – the matter of his secret journals. I asked the President of the Literature Supporters Club to fill in the skinny:

Oh, I should have mentioned it on the podcast. Just a delicious detail. He kept parallel journals to HIDE HIS ADULTERY FROM HIS WIFE, one journal that he ‘allowed’ his wife to find, and another that he kept very hidden.

From the NY Times article “Damned Old Graham Greene”:

Aware that he led a hidden life, Greene developed a habit of evasion, an almost pathological inability to come clean. His secretiveness led him at times to keep a parallel diary, in which he might chronicle two versions of his day, one rather sober and preoccupied, the other perhaps detailing a frolic with a prostitute.

Listen to our conversation about Graham Greene’s life and works or check out the other installments in the History of Literature podcast.

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