Sneak Preview: What Goes With Rushdie?

Okay, time for an update! We have another podcast episode posting tomorrow morning. I’ll be joined by the President of the Literature Supporters Club to discuss great literary duos. Don’t miss it!

We’ll also be discussing this question from brilliant listener EF, a college-level instructor:

I’ve just inherited a ten-week World Literature course, with Salman Rushdie’s new novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days as the primary text.

Aside from the obvious (Arabian Nights), if you were teaching the course, what would you pair with that reading?

Great question! We’ll have some answers for her tomorrow.

But I’m interested in your thoughts too. What works go on the syllabus? What are the obvious ones… and what’s unexpected? What themes should she and the students explore?

Onward and upward, people…onward and upward!

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