Zim Zam the Yo-Yo Man

Oh man. Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin…

9 thoughts on “Zim Zam the Yo-Yo Man

    1. Hmm… I agree there’s some heavy duty pathos going on here, but which guy do you mean? The yo yo guy or the host? (The yo yo guy is an actor pulling a Borat-like stunt- things turned out pretty well for him after this!)


      1. No problem! It’s a testament to the commitment this guy had. He really inhabited the role. What amazes me about the clips are how achingly polite the hosts are, they really deserve better. It’s a strange set of clips all around, I’m just not sure how I feel about it. (But Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad is a huge fan and hired the actor for a key role in Better Call Saul, which is what pointed me toward the clip in the first place.)


      2. I didn’t really understand at first, but I think I am starting to get your drift. So he is acting and messing with them?

        I was so uncomfortable, I could not finish it!


  1. I looked this guy up and gosh, it seemed pretty obvious after that. I just held my head in my hands. I consider myself fairly intuitive, but I often get fooled by satire. I think it’s the empathy that gets in the way.


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