Greatest First Lines Ever – Contest Update!

Wow, the contest to win a free book by telling me your favorite first line is going really well. Thanks to everyone for your comments, emails, voicemails, and speakpipe recordings. The entries are fabulous, especially the ones I get to hear read in your own voice. And at the end I get to give away books – another great pleasure. Keep ’em coming, folks! You’re really making my week fun.

Check out the previous post for more rules and guidelines. But the nutshell version is this: there are very few rules. Just give my special Jacke Wilson hotline a call (it’s a regular call, don’t worry) at

1-361-4WILSON (1-361-494-5766)

Or just leave your entry in the comments.

You can also email me at or follow the speakpipe instructions here to just click a button and talk at your computer for a few seconds. No strings attached!

I may pick your entry to read on a future podcast dedicated to great first lines. And of all the entries, I will pick one to win a free book of your choice. Or maybe more than one, because how can I ever choose?

Good luck!

And now… put on some headphones… sit back… and let this one wash over you…. onward and upward, people. Onward and upward…

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