New Feature: Leave Me a Message!

Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3… is this thing on?

I’m trying out a new feature for the blog/podcast: voicemail! And I could use your help.

But first, why am I doing this? Because, because, because – you guys are really the stars of this blog. Always have been, always will be. The comments are routinely better than the posts! And now I’m launching the new podcasts, I’d love to find a way to bring your feedback into the mix. I can read them aloud, of course, but then it’s just me, me, me all over again. Anyway, that’s the idea: spice up the show with the wit and sparkle you guys have brought to this blog. Connect.

How will I use these? My plan is to cite the comments on the blog and eventually use the messages as part of the podcast. That’s it. DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING YOU WOULD NOT WANT BROADCAST. I’ve set out some more ground rules below.

Okay, onto the help. I’m testing a couple of different options here. If you could try one or both, it would be a great help for me in deciding which one to use going forward.


The easiest is probably to give me a call from your phone. This isn’t a scam or anything like that – it’s just a Google Voice account that lets me listen to your voice message. I don’t track your numbers or call them back or anything. Just you, your message, and my ears. The number to call is


Let me know what you’re thinking! Tell me your favorite book ever and why it deserves a spot in The History of Literature! Or tell me what you find funny that no one else does, or what everyone else finds funny that you don’t. (I gave you a few of my own examples in Monday’s show. Am I the only person in America who doesn’t laugh at fart jokes? Am I the only person in the world who hates puns? Let me know if I’m not!)

Option #2

No phone required! All you do is visit this page – there are no gimmicks or signups, I promise. All you do is click a button and record a message. (You do need to have a microphone, but the built-in one in your computer or phone or tablet should work fine.)

Leave Jacke A Message

You get 90 seconds to get whatever you want off your chest. Feel free to leave any feedback at all. Tell me your favorite book of all time to make sure I cover it in the History of Literature series. Or tell me your favorite one-liner. No strings attached!

If this thing works we’ll eat like kings!

The ground rules:

I won’t be giving out addresses or phone numbers or god forbid social security numbers or anything like that on the air. (Are you someone who would give out your social security number to a blogger on a voicemail? Don’t be that person.)

BUT if you say something like, “Hi Jacke, this is Kate in Los Angeles. I just wanted to say I love the show, especially the plays you’ve written for Kate Winslet and Bryan Cranston. Keep up the good work.” I will run the entire message.

In other words: you determine how much info to reveal about yourself. Through your own words.

Other than that, no ground rules. Tell me something funny, tell me something interesting, tell me something smart, ask me a good question. All voices welcome! I can’t wait to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “New Feature: Leave Me a Message!

  1. This is the best idea from a fellow people watcher without being accused of stalking, staring or eavesdropping or being a voyeur. They come to you, brilliant! And they can’t call during dinner or the ball game. I need one of these numbers haha


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