Restless Mind Show #1 – Comedy and Authority


The Restless Mind Show! Jacke and Gar take a break from the history of literature to examine the nature of comedy and what makes us laugh.


6 thoughts on “Restless Mind Show #1 – Comedy and Authority

  1. great podcast. as a comic, i love hearing different perspectives on comedy. i liked your comment about how people don’t find puns funny. that has always interested me. and certain things like the gobbledy-gook is funny to people no matter their age. thanks!


  2. There is an episode of I Love Lucy that Harpo appeared on. I watch that with my 18 year old and we both laugh no matter how many times we’ve seen it. His combination of feigned innocence and body humor is just too much.

    I agree on mean humour. It’s only funny if the guy is in on the joke, like with John Candy. He was one of us


      1. Love that! But I must admit the part that made me giggle, that still makes me giggle is how he puts his leg over her arm. That whole bit breaks me up .


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