The Jacke Wilson Show – Subscribe on iTunes!


One… one one… one one… It’s the Jacke Wilson Show!

And now you can subscribe on iTunes. Every episode, downloaded to um… the device of your choice… um, it streams to ah… HEY LOOK. IT WORKS ON IPODS. PHONES. IPADS. COMPUTERS. ALL STUFF LIKE THAT. WHATEVER YOU OWN AND USE.

Ahem. Some of us are not always up on, say, technology. But we try. We make do, as my mother said as she wiped my nose with a leaf after a cataclysmic sneeze disrupted my walk to kindergarten.

How do you partake in these glories? Just click this link. Or this graphic:


And you will hear the lost scenes of Macbeth, the Fall OFF the House of Usher, the new Michael Jackson play (starring Bryan Cranston), lusty lizards, Tolstoy and his horse, Jacke Wilson Objects galore, philosophers galore, great books galore, morning thoughts, late-night thoughts, prehistoric fish, Tibetan rainbows… it’s a journey, people. We can take it together.

And I promise I won’t make myself laugh so much in the future! I’m getting more professional, episode by episode.



Prefer to download directly? Or stream on your computer? You’re in luck! Here are the episodes:

Download the mp3 file: The Jacke Wilson Show 1.2 – Perception and the Mind

Or download The Jacke Wilson Show 1.1 – the Halloween Episode or listen to it here:

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