The Awesome Princess Ninja!

Whoa. I know I sent you over to the Awesome Blog yesterday (after the purveyor of Awesomeness was kind enough to include me in her roundup), but I want to make sure you’ve all had a chance to meet the Princess Ninja.

Here she is! (And really, what more do you need to see than this to know what a treat you’re in for?)

Created by Amanda Moscou and Antonio Papaleo, the Princess Ninja is so delightful I had to hop over to Amazon to load up my cart. Four copies for my nieces and nephews? Five? Or just go ahead and get ten…?

And guess what? It’s not there! Come on, publishers! Why are you not snapping this up and bringing it to the masses? I mean, just look at this. Here she is saving the prince:


My boys would go for this, and they’re a tough sell on anything to do with princesses (alas – we tried, we tried). If I had girls? They’d probably be the Princess Ninja for Halloween. Every year.

Actually, forget Amazon – why is this not a show? This would be better than anything we watch (though I do have a soft spot for The Regular Show).

Ah well, in the meantime, we are lucky to be able to read three Princess Nina Tales at the Princess Ninja website. Thanks, Internet! (And of course, thanks to the very talented Amanda Moscou and Antonio Papaleo. More soon, please! It’s wonderful!)

Image credits: Amanda Moscou and Antonio Papaleo at

6 thoughts on “The Awesome Princess Ninja!

  1. My son, just the wrong side of three, get very confused when watching an old Disney movie because he couldn’t understand why a) the princess was just sitting there and b) why she hadn’t started saving the prince yet. He’d love this.


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