Writers Laughing: Alice Munro

Okay, sometimes these are a little hard to find. But there’s no shortage of photos of the amazing Alice Munro laughing (and a million of her smiling). I like this one for its spontaneity and joy…



Author Elizabeth Hay is on the left. And here’s a bonus! Alice with a special guest… 


It’s Margaret Atwood! Can there be a more adorable picture? This should be on billboards at the Canadian border. Welcome to Canada! LOOK WHO WE HAVE HERE! And all good tourists would enter with a smile.

One last bonus: the young Alice. Not quite a laugh, but pretty cool nevertheless:



Image Credits: (J.P. Moczulski/Canadian Press); Sheila Munro; Reg Innell courtesy the Toronto Star)



7 thoughts on “Writers Laughing: Alice Munro

  1. Yes! Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro at the border! Posting billboards of authors laughing could become an international trend… and we saw it here first. I think it’s a great idea!


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