Today’s Comment of the Week: The Hateful Reader!

Today’s Comment of the Week comes from Wonderful Reader G.Z.K., who writes:

Love misrepresented advice. This is brilliant. Your style of writing is immensely appealing. If I wasn’t such a sore loser I would adore this, but unfortunately I’m just jealous and I’m forced to hate you.

And I welcome your hatred!

Seriously, this is a very nice comment and made me laugh out loud.  And it made me think of something I’d never considered before: what’s the opposite of a back-handed compliment? A back-handed insult? A front-handed insult? What does that even mean?

I should check with my roommate’s OED, I suppose. Or think through the overthinking of clichés.

My thanks to Wonderful Reader G.Z.K., who joins the Student Headed to Bologna, the Misunderstood Traveler from Mexico, and The Compulsive Family of Readers in being designated a Today’s Comment of the Week. And to all my other wonderful readers, whose comments and feedback have been encouraging and inspiring.

Oh, and feel free to check out the original post that inspired the comment at Object #5 – The Motorcycle. All the object stories are listed on the 100 Objects page.

And now: onward and upward with a trailer for what is almost certainly the craziest and best movie of the year:

8 thoughts on “Today’s Comment of the Week: The Hateful Reader!

  1. I feel like the opposite of a back-handed compliment would be something like a cuddly or caressing insult. It’s inviting and warm, but Hugh Jackman is too masculine to admit that he enjoys it too.


  2. I am honored to be featured in the same post as Captain America. Really, I’m honored to just be featured. Thank you.


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