Blog Tour – From the Starving Artist to Jacke Wilson

I’ve been asked to participate in a tour of the blogosphere focused on writing process. I love traveling! And I love writing! So here we go!

First, you can check out the gracious portrait of me over at The Starving Artist.

You can also read about Devon’s writing process while you’re there. I was impressed by how hard she works to juggle all of her personal commitments and writing goals. She begins with an emphasis on organization and goal setting, which is truly great advice.

It’s one thing to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike or the “perfect moment” to write. It’s another thing to make yourself sit down in the chair every day and get it done. If you find yourself leaning toward the former (and not getting very far), take a look at Devon’s paragraphs on setting goals for tips and inspiration. And then start writing!

Next week, I’ll be describing my own writing process and spotlighting some fellow bloggers.

My thanks to Devon at The Starving Artist for inviting me to participate. And now, onward and upward with someone who knows what he wants:


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