Welcome, International Readers!

I’ve been very pleased by how many international readers have visited me here at jackewilson.com. And in fact, I’ve been a little remiss in focusing only on links here in the U.S. So for your convenience, I thought I’d share the international links to The Race(Or at least to the Kindle versions – the epub versions are coming soon, I promise.)

Although The Race is set in Wisconsin, I’d like to think it has some universal appeal. In fact, I think anyone, anywhere who has to live with politics and politicians will find something recognizable in the narrator’s attempts to understand the former governor he’s tasked with following around. What do campaigns do to politicians? What kind of people are they? Who do we elect to govern us, and why? You don’t need to know Madison from Milwaukee to find those questions compelling.

So without further ado, here is the international lineup. Many thanks to all readers in all countries – and I hope you enjoy the novella!

And of course, the U.S.:

Free excerpts available at Amazon or here on the website. (And also here.)

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