Writing For Free: Must We Be Blockheads?

Blogs are free. Podcasts are free. Why not e-books? Umm…. Because I hope people think they shouldn’t be?

Derek Thompson takes a thoughtful look at the arguments for and against writing for free:

This discussion typically ping-pongs between two extremes: (1) It’s deeply unjust and insulting to ask people for free work, including free writing; and (2) If you don’t want to write for free, then just don’t, end of story. These are easy and attractive answers, but the question is deeper.

Hmm. For now I’ll stand with Dr. Johnson. Available now for the low low price* of just $2.99!

The Race: A Novella

Available Now at Amazon.com

*Except for the free downloadable sample. And the excerpt I posted on my blog. And the review copies, which I continue to give away

One thought on “Writing For Free: Must We Be Blockheads?

  1. You’d think, right? But considering a lot of people think line-editing should be free, I’m not terribly surprised…. 😛


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