Self-Publishing Update: Moving Up the Ladder of Success

Now that The Race: A Novella has been available for sale for a little over a week, it’s time to check in on our Levels of Financial Success for Writers. As you may recall, the last time we did an update I was still absorbing the blow of shelling out 250 bucks for a block of ISBNs. It seemed hopeless. It seemed I was forever doomed to be at Level 8 (sub-nullity).

However, big news! No, I have not moved from Level 8 to Level 5, as I had hoped. BUT I have located an error in the Ladder. Level 8 is described like this:

Level 8: The Sub-Nullities

No income from writing whatsoever, with expenditures (postage, editing or proofreading costs, etc., writing conferences, etc.) exceeding income.

This should be corrected! It should read “Income, if any, exceeded by expenditures (postage, editing or proofreading costs, writing conferences, etc.).

My apologies for all of you writers who have wondered whether you are properly categorized as Level 8 or Level 5. Hopefully this will clarify the matter.

And now: Onward and Upward!

Image credit: Globe Newspaper Company

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