HoL Episode 31: Secret Societies!


We thought we were done with conspiracies and conspiracy theories – but that was before we heard more about Justice Scalia’s bizarre final days. What hold do secret societies have over our imagination? Why do people join them? And what are we to make of those who do? Jacke Wilson takes another dive into the rabbit hole of mystery, intrigue, and the crazy world of a four-hundred-year-old secret society.


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Paul McCartney and the Love Mojis

Ah, well, what do you do after you’ve conquered the music industry on vinyl, CDs, and digital downloads; mastered the rock-and-roll film; released an oratorio; recorded a James Bond theme; composed the most covered song of all time; and completely dominated the making-mashed-potatoes-video genre?

What does one do after climbing Everest AND landing on the moon AND swimming the channel AND reaching the North Pole?

Why, create 10 Love Mojis for Skype, of course. Take it away, Sir Paul:

Virginia Woolf Speaks

Ah, this is EXACTLY what I would have guessed her voice sounds like. This extended metaphor is a little long, but it earns its length. Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!

HoL Episode 30 – More Conspiracy!


What do Edgar Allan Poe, J.K. Rowling, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Justice Antonin Scalia have in common? Jacke Wilson connects the dots with another look at conspiracy literature, literary conspiracies, and the people who love them. (Part 2 of 2.) Continue reading

Zim Zam the Yo-Yo Man

Oh man. Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin…

History of Literature Episode 29: Conspiracy!


Who runs things? Well, okay, sure…but who really runs things?

Conspiracy theories fascinate us with their possibilities, thrill us with their sense of unveiling secrets, and tap into some of our deepest anxieties and psychological needs. And sometimes, they turn out to be true. Jacke Wilson takes a break from the history of literature to examine the nature of conspiracy theories and their role in literature and the literary life. (Part 1 of 2.)


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