Life’s Unanswerable Questions

Just a quick reminder that we’re still taking suggestions for Life’s Unanswerable Questions, which we’ll be featuring on an upcoming episode of the Jacke Wilson Show. Tell me (either by email or by leaving a comment) what questions have long tormented you, and I’ll do my best to alleviate your curiosity…or at least join you in marveling at the mystery of it all!

17 thoughts on “Life’s Unanswerable Questions

  1. Both of my questions are in regards to the United States (of which I am a citizen).

    1. When I was in elementary school, I was told that by the time I was an adult everyone would be changed over to the metric system. Why are we digging in our heels on this? Why are we the only ones to still measure temperature in fahrenheit?

    2. Am I missing something with the Electoral College or are they just getting away with something? How come they weren’t around until 1950? My gut says it is because it was a dumbass move that the founding fathers and subsequent generations would have never gone for i.e. a government of the people, for the people, by the people. We have no control what happens there and that bothers me.


  2. My question may be trite… But here it is:

    Why is it that the amount of fabulous things you desperately wish to buy decreases in direct inverse proportion to the amount of funds available?

    In other words, it’s a couple of days before payday and you tag along with a friend who’s doing some shopping. As you wander around the shops you see approximately 73 items you’re convinced will a) change your life and b) you cannot live without. However, without funds, purchasing any of these items is not an option. Then, a week later you head out again to the same shops, wallet full, gift cards in tow, and find that the 73 fantastic items have been mysteriously replaced with a large amount of disappointing crap and you come home with one small bag containing socks, which you needed anyway.

    These are the small things on which I sometimes ponder.


  3. What makes a work of art beautiful? (which necessitates the prolegomenous questions: what is a work of art? What is beauty? What is ‘is’?)


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