Review of The Race: “Warm and Full of Life…”

“[A] delightful novella about politics, scandal, reputation and above all, the importance of love…” – mylittlebookblog

Readers, it’s a very good day here on the Jacke Blog. My novella The Race has been reviewed by mylittlebookblog, and the results have had me smiling all day.

I’m not sure which is my favorite snippet. Maybe the one at the top. But this is good too:

Although the book is short, Wilson also manages to make the characters warm and full of life whilst being well structured with evocative personalities.

Thank you! And there’s more:

Wilson manages to exert meaning and feeling from the characters’ personalities onto the reader, in a candid style but with humour.

I won’t disagree! The rest is too good to interrupt…

  • The writing style is also a real credit to the writer and it not only gives the whole book a certain manner but it also makes the reader feel wholly consumed by the novel…
  • I (honestly) read this is one go; I could not help but keep reading in which to know what was going to happen next…
  • I fell in love with this humorous and clever story because overall it is an extremely realistic tale of tragedy…
  • …beautiful prose, well-defined characters and a real understanding of pace and writing style…

Really wonderful praise; I’m very grateful to Lizzy at mylittlebookblog for giving this such a good read and for writing such a positive and enthusiastic review. I’ll close with what’s my favorite quote (at least today – tomorrow I’ll probably savor a different one):

[W]e follow this campaign right through the end, to see whether the outraged public will forgive this disreputable politician or whether he will go down like a sack of bricks.

A sack of bricks! I might have to redo the cover to add that line.

What a thoughtful, generous review – a true delight to read. Thank you again, Lizzy!

You can read the full review at mylittlebookblog (and really that site should be a regular visit for you if it isn’t already).

And of course, you can find The Race at (in Kindle and paperback versions) and other formats and locations.

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