Writers Laughing: Gabriel García Márquez

Another big smiler – like Alice Munro, there are a million pictures of him smiling. And smiling broadly, with his eyes crinkly and his mouth slightly open. But laughing? You just know he had to laugh all the time – but whether those were captured in the pre-cell phone era is another question.

I found a few where he and Fidel are laughing, which I decided not to use. Instead, I’ll go with this one:

Gabriel García Márquez 1

And then this one, which I love (“writers laughing with small children” is a good sub-category):


Staged for a photographer? Possibly. Do I care? Not at all!

Image credits: GM Family Archive

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6 responses to “Writers Laughing: Gabriel García Márquez

  1. maybe he’s smiling & laughing at all the magic he sees in the world around him. i suspect i’d laugh more, myself, if i had a ringside seat at the circus in his head.

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  2. I see most of your Writers Laughing posts, and I like them all. What a great theme, Jacke!


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  4. I love him ! … And now I too am smiling …Thankyou !


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